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User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Without a true understanding of people a website is just a pretty collection of pixels.

Intuitive & frustration-free websites

Good looks can mean nothing if it comes with a bad user experience.
We are creative but we are also practical, as such our websites are well structured, functional, and easy to use whilst also looking fantastic.

User Experience Design (UX Design) is the first stage before we start the creative Web Design process.

Existing Website Data

If you currently have a website, we can use the analytical data it collects to inform our research for your new site.

UX  Specialists

Our Approach

The foundation of website creation is developing the user experience.
Putting real data behind the fundamental questions:

  • Who uses your site?
  • How do they use your site?

There are several stages of data collection, analysis, planning and finally prototyping to perfect the user’s experience.

Effective Websites
Human Friendly

With great data comes great user experience

Our tried and tested process results in effective websites that users enjoy using.


We research your business’s market position, audience, competitors and goals.

Site Mapping

Using data from our content auditing and research we will create a new and optimised information architecture.

Content Strategy

We audit your content to see what you have, what you need and what can go.

UX Prototyping

Using the sitemap, we build a working prototype of the new website to test the flow and structure of the site.

Start your project

Looking to improve your existing website or have a totally new site created? We are always open to chat about sites.

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