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Faye The Celebrant

Renowned celebrant Faye Elizabeth

Carefully balancing professional & personal with a gentle aesthetic

Faye came to us with an interesting brand challenge. To convey a professional service but given the personal nature of a celebrant to also convey a level of personability and approachableness.

The main goal of this website was to showcase Faye’s services and experience through her own personal story. The imagery needed to take centre stage with minimal supporting text.



Professional with a personal touch

Faye wanted less "Wedding Industry" and more "Celebration" with an approachable and personable approach. The main aim of the site is to showcase her services and to convey her personal story of why she became a celebrant.

The Outcome

The website features a visual scroll that shows stage by stage her work process with her clients.

Stand-out features of the site include:

  • Google Reviews integration – these automatically update as reviews are added to Google Business
  • Verticle content slider – this combines images and text to describe Faye’s process
  • Booking form – this collects information to speed up the onboarding process
  • Calendly link on all pages for swift bookings

Relatable, friendly and professional

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